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Major Repairs/Alterations

200 King Air
Hard Landing

Fairchild Metro III
Hydraulic Fire!

This aircraft was repaired on site in Washington State.

U.S. Army C-12
Bird Strike


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We provide maintenance and inspection services for all types of aircraft, including general aviation, corporate aircraft and commuter/regional airline class aircraft.

Fairchild Metro III

Dehavilland Dash - 8

Embraer EMB 120


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Structural Component Repair

Boeing 737
"Hush Kit" Cowling Modification

Cessna 500
Wing in jig being re-skinned and aft spar replaced


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Composite Repair

R&C Aviation composite repair services for all types of structural components.  If you can get it in a box or on a truck, we can probably fix it.  has innovative tooling and techniques to aid in the repair of all Flight Controls, Flaps, and Cowlings to save you the customer time and money.

Outboard Wing Leading Edge for EMB-120 Prep for Prepreg

Outboard Wing Leading Edge for EMB-120 Prepreg Layup

DSCF2060 Outboard Wing Leading Edge for EMB-120 Prepreg Layup

DSCF2072 Outboard Wing Leading Edge for EMB-120 Curing

DSCF2073 Hot Bonder


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Aircraft Recovery

Embraer EMB 120
Recovered after an off field landing in Bethel, Alaska

Lear Jet 35
Gear up landing in Cancun, Mexico


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Air Carrier Services

In addition to the Aircraft Maintenance and structural repair services provided for commuter/regional class aircraft, we also provide our airline customers with in-house manpower assistance, as well as an A.O.G. service which can place a repair team on site of the damaged aircraft within a few hours.  Our mechanics understand the unique requirements of the airline industry, and know how to go the extra mile to get an aircraft back into revenue service, ASAP.

We also provide short and long term storage as per manufacturer’s storage programs.

Saab 340 undergoing major structural repair at customers facility

Skin changes due to corrosion